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Rare Fish Auction

The Rare Fish Auction

The Rare Fish auction will take place the evening of Saturday, February 16th.

Registration will open at 8pm, and the auction will start around 8:30pm.

You must be registered for the convention to participate in the auction, but there are no additional fees to participate in the auction.

Participation in the auction requires a Bidder’s card, which is obtained during auction registration, and requires a driver’s license to be left with event staff until checkout.

Sales are tracked through your bidder number, a “tab” is maintained during the auction, and payment can be made in the form of cash, credit card, or via PayPal. There will be a 3% fee for credit card or Paypal transactions.

Checkout must be completed after the end of the auction, early checkout will not be allowed prior to the auction ending.

Most fish will be available for viewing prior to the auction, several tanks will be set up to house auction fish, and will be located in the main room.

All fish are donated by sponsors and vendors, sometimes from club members on a case by case basis. Late donations will not be accepted unless approved by event staff, but 100% of all sales benefit the club.

After completion of the event and accounting procedures have been performed, 10% of the auction proceeds will be donated to a charity of the club’s choice, recently the “Guy Jordan Research Fund” administered by the American Cichlid Association.