It’s The Big Fish Deal 4!

Welcome to The Big Fish Deal!, an event to bring together aquarium enthusiasts and transform the Gaithersburg Hilton into an aquatic paradise on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 4-6, 2016.

Whether you’re just getting into aquariums or are an advanced hobbyist, The Big Fish Deal will have something for you.  Check out the packed Agenda and Register today!

For registered attendees, we will have world-renowned speakers Chris Biggs, Joey Mullen (The King of DIY), Dave Schumacher (Dave’s Rare Fish), and Jeff Cardwell, an exclusive Saturday night rare fish auction, an awards reception, and Friday and Saturday night hospitality …all included and free with registration!

The lobby of the Hilton will have lots of things to do and see for Guests and Visitors.  Want to learn the basics of keeping aquariums?  Come talk to experts and see short classes from CCA and other local aquarium clubs.

Want to see beautifully decorated aquaria of all shapes and sizes?  Check out or enter the Aquarium Beautiful Competition.  Voting for your favorites will enter you into raffles for free aquariums, supplies and other prizes.

Looking for amazing deals on aquariums, fish and supplies?  Attend the Marketplace on Sunday, March 6, where vendors and hobbyists can buy and sell fish, supplies and other fishy goods.  Due to the large number of buyers and sellers that we’re expecting, we’re moving to the Hilton’s Grand Ballroom for this year’s Marketplace!

AquaMania 4 is going to be a Big Fish Deal – hope to see you there!

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